Employment options at Windarring

Windarring offers specialist employment options for people with disability in Gisborne, Bendigo, Castlemaine and Kyneton. We have a breadth of qualified disability support workers who provide assistance to people with disability to undertake their employment. This includes supervision of tasks and teaching new skills to allow everyone to perform their required duties.

Kyneton Copy Centre

Kyneton Copy Centre is a registered Australian Disability Enterprise that has been operating in Kyneton (Central Victoria) for more than 25 years. Over this period, we have been offering real employment opportunities to people with a range of disabilities as well as printing services to a number of Central Victorian Communities.

Australian Disability Enterprises

Windarring operates multiple ADE – Australian Disability Enterprises sites across locations in Central Victoria. We can provide employment opportunities and pathways to suit each unique individual living with a disability. Supported employment is ideal for those starting their employment journey. It assists individuals further refine their skills in the workplace and work in an entirely supported environment. Clients are supported by skilled staff who empower and assist individuals to meet their employment goals.

School Leaver Employment Support

An NDIS support for 16-22 year olds.

SLES gives you continued support to build the confidence and skills you need to get ready for work. SLES is tailored to meet your individual employment goals. There are options to continue with a range of supports beyond the SLES program.

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