Our Client’s Choices

We can help clients access the NDIS and get involved in some fun activities, learn to do something on their own, gain the skills for independent living or get some qualifications to help get a job.

To choose activities
We provide the supports to clients so that they can engage with the wider community. We offer a range of things to do. The aim is to have fun and learn new skills at the same time. Based on an individual’s goals we will work with clients to decide what activities will help them live a full and rewarding life

A place to live
Choosing where and how you live requires planning and support to ensure a client makes the right choices for their. Our flexible

Help to make my NDIS plan happen
Windarring staff will ensure that all clients are empowered and have full choice and control. Please contact us to help increase independence and achieve life goals.

approach to providing services ensures clients are able to live their life their way.

A holiday
Everyone needs a holiday now and again and Windarring offers supported group holiday opportunities.

Caring for a loved one can be challenging and tiring. Windarring have assisted carers to get that much-needed break to recharge the batteries.

Respite is an opportunity to make new friends at Windarring and participate in evening and weekend activities.

To learn
Windarring works closely with local training providers. We can support clients to find the learning program that supports their dreams and work ambitions.

Client Success Stories

Community Participation

Windarring is a people centred, community-based organisation committed to eliminating barriers to participation, inclusion and acceptance for people with disabilities in their local community. We can help access all the benefits of the NDIS in Central Victoria.

Life Skills
We work with people to design a plan that suits their lifestyle and goals.

Health and wellbeing
Feeling good about yourself and increasing health and mobility are important aspects of life at Windarring.

Creative Arts
At Windarring we encourage creativity and expression through a range of art forms including drama and dance, ceramics, painting, sculpture, photography.

Leisure and recreation
Being actively involved in community life is an important step towards developing independence.

Group Participation
A range of activities provided to a group of people.

Individual Support
Based on goals, individual supports can provide specific staffing and resources to meet goals.

More info regarding these holidays and more can be found in our holiday brochures. If you would like to see more holidays that are coming up check out our Holidays page!

Latest Past Events

March 1 - March 4
Ocean Grove – Let’s ride some waves
Ocean Grove Ocean Grove
Disabled Surfers Association of Australia
The aim of the Disabled Surfers Association is to put Smiles on Dials! Their goal is to provide an inclusive experience for all people with any disability to experience the rush of riding a wave.
At Ocean Grove they have world class beach facilities that help make your experience be as inclusive as possible.

Children and Youth Programs

Our Youth Program offers a variety of different programs for children and youth. Our Children’s and Youth Program operates every Saturday, after school activities/respite, throughout all school holidays and public holidays.

For information on all the services we offer please contact us today!

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