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Windarring sponsor Able Radio program.

By October 14, 2020 April 21st, 2021 Latest News
We are proud to announce our sponsorship of 94.9 Maine FM’s Able Radio program. They air on Mondays 10am to 12noon. The program often includes our clients from Castlemaine Windarring.
Able Radio is a disability radio program that explores topics related to disability, advocacy, music, film, living in regional Victoria, sport, art, and about anything else we feel like. Able Radio is presented by people with disability and is for everyone.
Presented by Glenn, Joe, Josh, Sue, Ned, Ali and Elizabeth. Regular guests include Lloyd, Karen, Paul and the team from the Mount Alexander Shire Disability Advocacy Group, and clients of Windarring disability services.


Learn the skills and
build your confidence
to one day be able to
live independently.


Do some training, get
qualified and make
some friends at the
same time.


Get involved with your
local community
through our range of
job options.


Join our fantastic arts
and recreation
activities with a great
group of people.