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Notes from the Parents/Carers Workshop – 12 July 2019

By September 13, 2019 Latest News

What is really good about Windarring

The Staff:

  • are caring, approachable and responsive.
  • always listen to me
  • have an equal relationship with everyone
  • are invested in ensuring that the service is always good
  • are gold: empathy, sympathy and care


  • is local, accessible and familiar
  • enables clients to develop strong networks in the community
  • provides the opportunity for the development of friendships
  • projects an aura of safety, security and belonging
  • supports clients to form friendships and enjoy activities with their peers
  • establishes a routine for each clients
  • provides the opportunity for clients to get to know many people in the community
  • Provides support through each life stage

Windarring is our Community

Point of Difference

Windarring could strengthen its governance by implement a range of ways for clients, parents and families to have input into the Board. These include ensuring:

  • the AGM is open and is a celebration
  • there is broad representation from the community on the Board
  • meetings are open occasionally
  • meetings are rotated throughout the locations
  • other mechanisms to feed into Board decisions including:
    • Through Service Delivery subcommittee
    • Parent Meetings at each site
    • Parents sitting on the subcommittees
    • Cultivation of input by children and grandchildren – youth involvement


Intake at Windarring

When the Intake experience at Windarring is magical:

  • the process is adapted easily to meet our needs
  • we felt comfortable to the environment
  • information/induction kit for potential new clients
  • there were no delays. We were straight on bus next day.
  • the Staff were good
  • the physical environment felt happy, active, welcoming, could see other clients enjoying themselves and engaged
  • new parents are matched with existing parents early to talk through and service and support
  • Parents come and spend time together like a Parent Contact Group


The Intake experience would be mediocre if:

  • the planning process is complex and makes us feel blind (e.g. when we were straight from ISP to NDIS, making a plan was way more complex
  • we don’t know if services are good or not
  • there is no handbook to show: 1:1, group, other and services e.g. that Windarring understand that caring/developing people with intellectual disabilities is COMPLEX, not just about attendant care and that services foster decision making, sef care, acceptable behaviours, personal safety, problem solving.
  • the client’s individual needs are not meet including the need for group interaction and development


The Intake experience would be misery if:

  • there was insufficient information to access programs
  • being unsure of services is scary


Services at Windarring

The service experience at Windarring is magical when:

  • phone photos of participants achieving goals are sent to parents by staff
  • holidays and weekend activities are included e.g football
  • activities are age appropriate
  • clients are with their friends doing what other people do
  • staff who do something innovative and exceed expectations especially in 1:1 opportunities
  • staff use phone photos and SMS to ensure communication
  • staff demonstrate sensible flexibility
  • staff communicate with other services to make things happen
  • trust is built up
  • services are energetic and personalised
  • staff are engaged
  • service is secure
  • clients feel supported and acknowledged
  • activities include initiatives such as daily diary, silent morning tea
  • staff have the opportunity to grow and learn
  • change is budgeted for, transparent, shared, supported, participatory, reviewed, measured.
  • families are included in service planning
  • there are photos of staff
  • general observations are treated seriously
  • evidence of diverse participation by parents/families/communities
  • volunteers are engaged


The service experience at Windarring would be mediocre when:

  • staff training in general is needed
  • service doesn’t take account of 1:1 supports adequately
  • communication is haphazard between service and clients
  • there isn’t good guidance from the top
  • staff always look like they may burn out
  • progress isn’t systematically documented – formal, informed, history, tracked regularly, discussed amongst staff


The service experience at Windarring would be misery when:

  • terminology about clients is not age appropriate e.g. children
  • communication skills of staff don’t meet the needs of clients e.g. sign language
  • staff are not trained
  • dominant participants are allowed to bully more vulnerable participant
  • ignorance of individual needs/situation – causing further misery
  • change is imposed, not explained or understood.


Plan review

The Plan Review at Windarring is magical when:

  • a pre-plan is done with information on the likely costs for the next plan
  • the parents are supported to translate their needs into NDIS language
  • Windarring staff come equipped with new ideas, new goals e.g. weekend activity
  • the expertise of Windarring staff is utilised
  • bring strong information to the planning meeting
  • bring an advocate to plan review
  • good supporting information and care notes are provided
  • reports are reviewed
  • there are regular (monthly) statements
  • there are 3 monthly reviews of plan
  • support Worker has knowledge of the client needs and this is transmitted to other carers and families
  • client profile outlines needs, abilities, medical, interests


The Plan Review at Windarring is misery when:

  • quarantined money is not spent is then removed by the next review
  • keeping track of discrepancies is almost impossible
  • the service is not responsive to individual needs
  • the advice and service mentoring is inconsistent
  • NDIA Plan written in a demeaning way
  • incorrect or inaccurate invoices don’t help with preparation for the reviews


Learn the skills and
build your confidence
to one day be able to
live independently.


Do some training, get
qualified and make
some friends at the
same time.


Get involved with your
local community
through our range of
job options.


Join our fantastic arts
and recreation
activities with a great
group of people.