NDIS disability central Victoria

A place to live

Choosing where and how you live requires planning and support to ensure that you make the right choices for your situation and for your family. Our flexible approach to providing services ensures that you’re able to live your life your way. We’ll match you with qualified, flexible staff that are skilled in mobility and accessibility supports. We will work with you, or in partnership with other agencies to explore how you want to live and what the options could be.

These are:
• independent living in our Millend units in Kyneton
• share accommodation options in private rentals
• outreach support in your own home

Our independent living units.

Renting privately
We can help you develop independent living skills so one day you might be able to live on your own or share with a friend.

Stay in your own home with extra support
Our independent living units.

Supported living
Shared accommodation.