Windarring Parent and Carers Meetings

Our next Windarring Parents and Carers meeting are as follows:


Gisborne – Telegraph Hotel Gisborne

28 March 2019, 2pm


Please contact Justin Hunter if you have any further questions


Castlemaine – Ray Bradfield Room

1 March 2019, 1.30pm

5 April 2019, 1.30pm


Please contact Kim Stevens if you have any further questions


Bendigo – 20 Townsend St, Flora Hill

1 May 2019, 1.30pm

31 July 2019, 1.30pm

2 October 2019, 1.30pm


Please contact Phil Walsh if you have any further questions

Our new logo and visual identity

NDIS central Victoria disability

NDIS has been labelled the biggest reform since Medicare. With that in mind it makes sense that Windarring needs to grow and change to be ready for the new world of NDIS. Therefore we have developed an evolved look for Windarring.

• To represent the vision of the organisation for the next chapter in its history while still acknowledging and being proud of where we have come from. The meaning behind the indigenous word “Windarring” means sunrise or dawn. Therefore we have evolved our sun to …

The aim of our new identity is:
• to speak to new audiences in the new NDIS landscape;
• to reaffirm and position the organisation as a major player in the space;
• to enable the organisation to expand into other service areas;
• to unite the team internally behind the new brand; and
• to ensure all communications resonate and are delivered with
more impact.

We believe the proposed new identity reflects what we know Windarring to be:
• welcoming and warm — friendly and approachable;
• passionate and compassionate;
• dependable and reassuring;
• honest and open;
• community minded — not too corporate;
• progressive achievers who challenge perceptions; and
• the market leader.

The Disability Services Commissioner

The Disability Services Commissioner (DSC) listens to complaints about disability services. Anyone can make a complaint about a Victorian disability service provider.

The DSC is an independent oversight body resolving complaints and promoting the right of people with a disability to be free from abuse. They work with people with a disability to
resolve complaints about disability service providers, and we work with disability service providers to improve outcomes for people with a disability. The service is independent, free, confidential and accessible.

Investigation is another word for finding out more information about a complaint. There are a few steps that they go through before they investigate.

Read more on the Disability Services Commissioner website.

Donation to Access Skills Training Group

NDIS central Victoria

On Tuesday 19th September our travel training group caught the train down to Southern Cross to present a giant cheque to Travellers’ Aid Australia CEO Elias Lebbos. The cheque was for a whopping $587.90!

The students of Access Skills Training would like to say a big Thank You for supporting us in our fundraising activity this term. We all learnt about teamwork, planning, advertising, budgeting, making a difference and bringing the community together. We raised $587.90 to allow a student to travel on public transport for a whole year.

Special thanks to Phil Tunzi from Kyneton Copy Centre for donating the printed fundraiser T shirts. And congratulations to the winner of the lolly guessing jar, Cath Thompson. We presented the fundraising cheque to the CEO of Travellers Aid Australia this week.

Thanking all for your support from the students in Certificate I In TransitionEducation class.

Customised Employment

NDIS disability employment

Hayden in his saddle seat chair (and trolley in the background) purchased via Job Access Workplace modifications.

Customised Employment is an individualised approach to vocational supports and services: one person at a time. The goal of Customised Employment is to tailor jobs to fit the skills, interests, strengths, and support needs of the individual, whilst meeting the needs of business. It can sometimes be challenging for people with disability to find employment in the open labour market and main stream job services such as Disability Employment Services (DES) and Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE), don’t always provide an appropriate option.

Often people with disability who want to work are missing out because they don’t necessarily tick all of the boxes required to fulfil a traditional job role. That’s why Windarring are offering customised employment services, which are designed to support people to discover their own unique skills and talents, and harness those talents to identify and create a job role or small business that is tailored specifically to them.

If you already have your NDIS plan we can help you identify which supports in your plan can assist with employment supports. If you are in the process of developing your NDIS plan we can assist you in negotiating supports during the planning process that can help you to explore employment options and in gaining and maintaining employment.

If you would like to discuss the employment support services that Windarring can provide please feel free to contact me:
Mark Castle

Manager Pathways to Employment
Mobile: 0409 848 714


Learn the skills and
build your confidence
to one day be able to
live independently.

NDIS Victoria Disability Central Victoria


Do some training, get
qualified and make
some friends at the
same time.

NDIS Victoria Disability Central Victoria


Get involved with your
local community
through our range of
job options.

NDIS Victoria Disability Central Victoria


Join our fantastic arts
and recreation
activities with a great
group of people.