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Face and places art exhibition, Kyneton

Face and places are works on canvas and paper by Peter Hird, Brendan Olsen and Hayley Arjona.

Held Monday 12 August until Thursday 22 August 2019 at the Kyneton Town Hall.

Peter’s paintings are figurative, they are portraits of various people including family, famous musicians and actors. Brendan’s paintings are concerned with landscape, natural elements and issues relating to the environment.
Hayley’s paintings are oil on canvas and are portraits of Peter and Brendan.

Faces and Places is an exhibition featuring the work of two local artists, who work in paint and have unique stories to tell. Both Peter Hird and Brendan Olsen attend studio sessions in Kyneton with Arts facilitator and disability support worker Hayley Arjona via their NDIS plans and Windarring. This has been a weekly opportunity to for all parties to explore creativity, develop new skills and styles whilst engaging in the local art scene.

The culmination of this collaboration is a display of works rich in content, concept and expression. This show enables the artists to share their works with the local community in Kyneton, a community which nurtures diversity and fosters inclusion.

A special thanks to the Kyneton Town Hall for providing the space and assistance for this project.


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