What is Customised Employment?
Customised Employment is an individualised approach to vocational supports and services: one person at a time. The goal of Customised Employment is to tailor jobs to fit the skills, interests, strengths, and support needs of the individual, whilst meeting the needs of the business.

It can sometimes be challenging for people with disability to find employment in the open market, and mainstream job services such as Disability Employment Services’ and ‘Australian Disability Enterprises’ don’t always provide an appropriate option. Often people with disability who want to work are missing out because they don’t necessarily tick all of the boxes required to fulfil a traditional job role.

That’s why we offer customised employment exploration and transition services, which are designed to support people to discover their own unique skills and talents, and harness those talents to identify and create a job role or small business that is tailored specifically to them.

Job carving (Job creation)
Job carving is an approach that utilises the negotiation of a specific job designed to suit a person with a disability. The job design can include components of a number of duty statements and be selected according to the interests, skills and abilities of the person.

This can benefit both the organisation/business and the individual by aligning the strengths of the individual with the needs of the organisation. It requires providers to assist employers to undertake this process and work with them to match the employer’s needs and a job design that maximises the skills and abilities of the job seeker with a disability.


Employment options at Windarring
Windarring offers specialist employment options for people with disability in Bendigo, Castlemaine and Kyneton. We have a breadth of qualified disability support workers who provide assistance to people with disability to undertake their employment. This includes supervision of tasks and teaching new skills to allow everyone to perform their required duties.

  • Supported Employment at our (ADE) Australian Disability Enterprise centres incl: Kyneton Copy Centre, Bendigo Recycling and Windarring Recycled Store in Castlemaine
  • Supported employment options within the community – We can provide customised Employment and Job Coaching options, to suit your individual support needs
  • Vocational training at Baynton Street, Kyneton
  • Vocational training at our retail outlets in Kyneton and Castlemaine
  • Vocational placements/Work Experience, with local business hosts – We can provide one on one support to achieve great outcomes
  • Community volunteering – Gain support to access work at charity shops or community-based organisations
  • Various accredited and pre-accredited course options
  • Individualised Training and skill development, to assist you to find employment.
  • Linkage to ‘Disability Employment Support services’ (DES) and explore mainstream ‘Open’ employment

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