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COVID-19 Resources

By June 30, 2020 July 1st, 2020 Latest News

Windarring is closely monitoring and responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert. The safety of all staff and our clients, parents and families are always our top priority. Until we hear differently from the Government all disability services are seen as essential service.

We complied a list of resource for you.

Australian Government – Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)
Covid19 & Disability updates – stay up to date
Know the Signs
Stop the Spread
Centre based disability services Fact Sheet 21 May 2020

World Health Organisation
How to Hand wash
How to Hand rub

NDIS Information
Easy Read Coronavirus PDF
Regular NDIS updates

Access Easy Read – COVID19 PDF’s
We need space bewteen us COVID -19 easy read
COVID-19. It is also called Cornavirus easy read
What do I do COVID-19 easy read

UPDATED 1 July 2020
UPDATED 28 May 2020
UPDATED 12 May 2020
UPDATED 9 April 2020

Living At Windarring


Learn the skills and
build your confidence
to one day be able to
live independently.

NDIS Victoria Disability Central Victoria


Do some training, get
qualified and make
some friends at the
same time.

NDIS Victoria Disability Central Victoria


Get involved with your
local community
through our range of
job options.

NDIS Victoria Disability Central Victoria


Join our fantastic arts
and recreation
activities with a great
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