Intake, Finance & Administration Office
67 Baynton Street
PO Box 403
Kyneton VIC 3444
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Supported Living
c/- 67 Baynton St
Kyneton Vic 3444
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Respite Services
c/- 67 Baynton St
Kyneton VIC 3444
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Kyneton Day Service
67 Baynton Street
T. 03 5422 7001
Martina (Marnie) Broomhall, Team Leader Kyneton & Gisborne

Darryl Durham

Kyneton Copy Centre
58 Mollison Street
T. 03 5422 2400


A lot happens at Windarring in Kyneton.

  • From Recycling and Garage Sales.
  • A Partnership with Kyneton Community House for art projects and installations. Cooking and Information Technology courses.
  • ADE based at Kyneton every Monday.


Clients are free to explore their creative side.
Creating amazing works of art with the opportunity to exhibit in community events.

Art Therapy
Free self-expression through painting and drawing. Supporting a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Food to Plate
Designing a home-grown garden of seasonal goods and creating delicious and healthy meals to share with friends.

Garden Maintenance
Working with a qualified landscaper to maintain Windarring Gardens.

Garden to Market Program
Growing seasonal produce to share with the local community.

Music Therapy
Helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words.

From a piece of timber to a work of art. Clients learn the skills from beginning to end.

Independent Travel and Community Access
Assisting clients with life skills.
Highlights include:
Picnics in the park, BBQ’s, horse riding, art exhibitions, bike riding, luncheons and so on.

Dance and Movement
Fun and healthy exercise – without know you are exercising

Have Your Say Conference.

Windarring would like to acknowledge the following:

  • Midland Express
  • Macedon Ranges Shire Council
  • Kyneton Aquatic Centre
  • Kyneton Daffodil Festival
  • Kyneton Bowling Club
  • Kyneton Community House
  • Mawsons Concrete & Landscaping Centre
  • RDA Victoria