NDIS central Victoria Gisborne disability


Gisborne Community Centre
8A Hamilton St
Gisborne VIC 3437
T. 03 5428 8854
Martina (Marnie) Broomhall, Team Leader Kyneton & Gisborne

Marina Marinovic


Gisborne participants and staff continue to be focussed on achieving individual goals and outcomes. All achievements are celebrated and new goals set when it’s time.

Here’s what the Gisborne group have been up to lately:
• Monitoring own progress at the gym;
• Great sportsmanship at indoor cricket;
• Changing photography displays on our windows which delight passing community members;
• Water activities are popular with many participants;
• The backyard crew achieve very pleasing outcomes as they skill up in using power tools
and garden tools;
• The travel training group have developed great independence with some people now able to travel alone over the span of around five stations;
• Continuing support from local businesses to support vocational placements where job skills
are learnt;
• A loyal group who collate catalogues and newspapers and deliver to an area in Gisborne which becomes a bit of a fitness program as well;
• Volunteering with Meals on Wheels and at the farm annex of Woodend Primary School;
• Combined effort to stage our Annual Show as the dance and drama group continues to be very popular, whilst another creative arts group makes the costumes on another day;
• Cooking is always a favourite and two groups make their lunch each week;
• The art group are once again preparing items to enter in the Kyneton Show;
• Many groups include literacy and numeracy in their activities as well as IT skills which always need updating. iPads are ever popular and have been taken up by an increasing number of people;
• Health and wellbeing are considered in all activities and groups regularly walk in nearby parklands; and
• The majority of our participants are very proud to be able to list themselves on the log which says people have left the building. Writing skills are improving all the time.

Our participants enjoy activities where they are out and about meeting new people or catching up with friends from other Windarring locations.