Bendigo Windarring

1 Fir Street
Golden Square, Bendigo
T. 03 5441 2952
Team Leader: Phil Walsh

Cameron Mason


Welcome to Bendigo Windarring.

Bendigo Windarring is located in Golden Square in the old footy club rooms. This location gives our participants easy access to the walking tracks around Bendigo and a fully functional oval right out the front door. Windarring Bendigo has just started the adventure of its own Emporium which participants are encouraged to become involved in.


Z-fit dancing
a chance for participants to go and dance and do light exercise to music with a lovely instructor making sure all abilities are catered to.

participants enjoy the opportunity to catch the public bus to the swimming pool. Participants can then enjoy the pools, spa and gym.

participants have the opportunity to access the bowling alley multiple times a week with many participants joining the bowling league that occurs once a week.

Walking Group
Participants are able to join the walking group enjoying a walk on the walking tracks either into Kangerooflat or Golden Square, stopping to have morning tea then enjoying a walk back to the Windarring base.

Twice a week participants are invited to join in and help cook something fun and healthy for morning tea/lunch.

This year Windarring Bendigo is undertaking an exciting Woodwork program which will be provided by a local (Bagshot) company.

Participants are very excited for this.

Windarring Rockers
Twice a week participants enjoy the music concert given by the Windarring Rockers. Any participants is invited to sing and dance along. The Windarring Rockers are made up of staff member Cameron and many of the current Windarring Bendigo participants.

This year Windarring Bendigo is under taking a gardening program with a local (Bagshot) company.

Up cycling
Bendigo Windarring has undertaken a new and exciting program this year of up cycling many different items. Many of these items will eventually make there way to the NEW Bendigo Windarring Emporium.

Arts and Crafts
Participants are offered a large variety of arts and crafts to engage in.

Community Access
Participants are given daily opportunities to access the community with many choosing to enjoy a ride on the public bus to go get a coffee and morning tea.

Men’s Group
Participants enjoy many days out fishing, BBQ’s, gabbing and just enjoying Nature.

Bike Riding
Participants are encouraged to enjoy the walking/bike tracks available around the centre.

Windarring Bendigo also offers weekend adventures which include; dinners out, movies, theatre, the zoo, paddle steamers (Echuca), concerts, disco’s, sleepovers and much more. Windarring Bendigo enjoys theme days and including as many of the participants from other Windarring sites as possible. Examples of these are; footy colours day, Easter, petting zoo, Windarring Olympics (holiday program), Christmas, trivia nights, disco’s etc

Windarring as a whole also offers holidays away which the participants enjoy.

Some other programs on offer through Bendigo Windarring are; horse riding, sailability, pet therapy (coming soon), movie and popcorn day, day at the library, pampering and many more.

Windarring also provides daily programs focused on centre-based, community based, group activities that encourage individual participation and choice that has a key focus on person-centred support. You find out what is on offer at the link below.

Windarring Daily Activity Program - All Locations

Bendigo Emporium

The EMPORIUM (Windarring Bendigo’s recycling shop) opened in January 2021.

It is a great opportunity for clients to work in the shop with staff and learn some new skills in a relaxed, retail setting, whilst enjoying chatting to customers.

The clients get very excited about working in the shop.

This has been a great success, with the local community supporting the shop.”

The shop is opened Monday – Friday 10am- 2pm

SCR Recycled Bendigo – ADE Supported Employee Business

Partnering with Southern Cross Recycling Group to recycle clothes to improve the recovery and recycling of unwanted clothing and household goods in the Bendigo region. A large proportion of valuable household resources are lost to landfill. Windarring will manage all clothing bin sites.

We aim to stop this waste and turn these resources into jobs for people with a disability. The program provides jobs and income for local people with disabilities. On average for every five bins we install, we can support one full time employee.

38 Rohs Road, Bendigo
For more information contact
Peter Young – ADE Manager
T. 0488 553 929

Bendigo Windarring Social Traders Certified