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Cooking at Windarring’s Millend

By Latest News
On Saturday Millend residents had a wonderful day. With extra support on hand our support workers endeavor to keep our clients spirits high through this very tough period. They focused on cooking comfort food! Kate outdid herself cooking bacon and egg pies and chocolate cream cakes to share at the social distance outdoor cafe. Kate and Robbie helped set up the tables and chairs. All residents that were home took part in the cafe enjoying morning tea. Billie also made home made cookies and cooked dinner for Kate and herself. Happy chef’s all round!
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10 Healthy Activities to Take Your Mind off Coronavirus

By Latest News
10 Healthy Activities to Take Your Mind off Coronavirus Use this time to grow and flourish, not to panic. As you all know we are awash with non-stop information, fear, anxiety, and dread about the coronavirus pandemic. Quite frankly, a lot of the things I read and hear scare the heck out of me. But I try to remain the eternal optimist. This week has been very difficult for all Windarring staff and it got me thinking about some simple, positive things that we can do that are in line with the “social distancing” being encouraged right now. These healthy activities can help take you away, physically or mentally, at least for a little while, from all the fear and worry associated with this terribly unprecedented situation. Perhaps these ideas can even bring you a few moments of calm and comfort. Get outside alone in nature. Now is a great time to take a walk even...
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Learn the skills and
build your confidence
to one day be able to
live independently.


Do some training, get
qualified and make
some friends at the
same time.


Get involved with your
local community
through our range of
job options.


Join our fantastic arts
and recreation
activities with a great
group of people.