Australian Disability Enterprises

Windarring operates multiple ADE – Australian Disability Enterprises sites across locations in Central Victoria. We can provide employment opportunities and pathways to suit each unique individual living with a disability. Supported employment is ideal for those starting their employment journey. It assists individuals further refine their skills in the workplace and work in an entirely supported environment. Clients are supported by skilled staff who empower and assist individuals to meet their employment goals.

Kyneton Recycling

67 Baynton Street, Kyneton

Kyneton Recycling is an employment pathway for those interested in working in a sorting warehouse. Recycling promotes sustainability in working with second-hand donations and giving them a second life.

In a team and supported environment, the teamwork involves sorting the donations and pack them into bales and boxes, and sort through and identity quality stock for some of our Windarring Emporiums.

Windarring emphasis on Work Health and Safety in the workplace and all supported employees receive on job training in their role and training on how to stay safe in the workplace.

Kyneton & Bendigo Gardening

67 Baynton Street, Kyneton 1 Fir Street, Golden Square

Kyneton Gardening and Bendigo Gardening are a perfect pathway for those wanting to get their hands dirty and into the garden. They Kyneton and Bendigo Gardening Teams work locally on our Windarring locations and also within homes in the community.

The Kyneton and Bendigo Gardening Crews are trained to learn skills in garden maintenance and receive on job training in learning how to use a lawn mower, whipper snipper and other gardening equipment in a safe and effective way.

This opportunity is ideal for those who love working outside and working in the garden.

Kyneton Copy Centre

58 Mollison Street, Kyneton

Kyneton Copy Centre is an exciting opportunity for individuals to work in a supported and team environment in a long-standing local business.

Individuals working at the Kyneton Copy Centre receive on the job training in tasks such as customer service and learning how to use the machinery to complete customer tasks: such as shredding, copying, scanning, making brochures and posters and money handling skills.

Individuals working at the Copy Centre receive on the job training in customer service and operating the machinery, while focusing on the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace.

Castlemaine Emporium & Recycling

317 Barker Street, Castlemaine

Castlemaine Emporium is perfect match for individuals who are interested and have a passion for working in the retail industry.

The Castlemaine Emporium is a second-hand retail store, that consists of Vintage, clothing and bric a brac items. Individuals in this role receive on the job training in customer service, identify and pricing quality shop stock and money handling skills.

The Castlemaine site has a sorting facility where individuals take part in sorting stock and bailing and boxing stock to recycle.

Bendigo Recycling

38 Rohs Road, East Bendigo

Bendigo Recycling is our largest Recycling Facility at Windarring. This employment pathway is an exciting opportunity for those who love to recycle and learn about how to be sustainable.

This role involves individuals working with unwanted and second-hand goods and donations, by picking them up from various locations around the Bendigo Region and bringing them back to the facility to sort, and pack into bales and boxes.

Clients work within a team based and supported environment and receive on the job training.

Bendigo Emporium

1 Fir Street, Golden Square

Bendigo Emporium is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in working in a supported retail environment. This role gives individuals experience and skills in customer service, working in retail and working with second-hand donations.

The Bendigo Emporium provide on job training in skills such as money handling, customer service, identifying and pricing quality donated stock and health & safety in the workplace.

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