Are you self funded?

If you are self funded you can still join in with our group activities. The aim is to have fun and learn new skills at the same time. Based on your goals we’ll work with you to decide what activities will help you live a full and rewarding life. At various times we offer the following group activities:
• Swimming
• Walking
• Art
• Photography
• Lawn bowls
• Volunteering in the community
• Gardening
• Cooking and Nutrition
• Cycling

We can also work on a one to one basis to design a plan that suits your lifestyle and goals. We’ll individually tailor services that fit your schedule to assist you in your day to day activities at home and in the community. We can help you with:
• Self care
• Mobility and transport
• Leisure activities
• Therapy supports
• In-home support
• Shopping and appointments

Our pre-accredited and accredited training options and employment pathways are also available to self funded participants.