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We look at each individual

What can Windarring do for me?
Windarring is NDIS ready and will assist you through the transition process. We work with adults with disabilities to identify the supports you need to live your life. Supports may help you achieve many goals including independence, involvement in your community, education, employment and health and wellbeing. Windarring staff will ensure that all clients are empowered and have full choice and control.

Once you have an NDIS plan, Windarring Intake staff can help you choose supports that will enrich your life and help you to achieve your goals. Windarring will provide you with a Formal Service agreement to ensure there is a shared understanding of what supports will be delivered and how and when they will be delivered. Once your Service Agreement has been signed Windarring will create a Service Booking on the NDIS Portal for the agreed amount detailing the type of services, dates of supports and funding to be allocated to Windarring for services given. Alternatively, Windarring can forward invoices and evidence to your nominated Financial Intermediary. If your circumstances change and you wish to change the level of supports in your service agreement, Windarring staff can help you with choosing different options.

To find out more about NDIS pricing, please refer to the NDIS Price Guide 2020-21. Visit the NDIS website for more Pricing details: www.ndis.gov.au/providers/price-guides-and-pricing

How do I apply for the NDIS?
If you are a person with disability you must be assessed against the access requirements. You can use the NDIS Access Checklist to check if you are eligible.

Read more on the NDIS website: ndis.gov.au/applying-access-ndis
Or call the NDIS on 1800 800 110