Volunteer and Mentoring Initiative

Volunteer and Mentoring InitiativeDOWNLOAD PDF FLIER HERE.

This event is supported by the Mount Alexander Shire Council’s Events Grants Program.

Who is Windarring?
We are a local not for profit agency who work alongside people with disabilities to help them contribute in meaningful ways in the community.

What is the Volunteer and Mentoring Initiative?
We connect people living with disability who are willing to do volunteer work with local businesses and community groups. We also connect interested people willing to mentor people living with disability as volunteers.

Are you a local business that could use some volunteer help?
Maybe you have a project that you never got around to doing? Or some practical volunteer help to get through COVID? Or some work tasks to assist you to be more productive? Then maybe this initiative is for you.

How does it work?
We will meet with you and discuss your project jobs, look for a potential volunteer, propose a plan that all agree to, introduce you to a volunteer to interview, start a trial, if needed our staff can support on the job.

What do you need to contribute?
Offer some meaningful volunteer work in a safe workplace, provide mentoring on the job, provide friendly encouragement.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch – just a mutual exchange in good faith with someone doing volunteer work and getting mentored.

What about work & insurance?
Our volunteers are covered by volunteer insurance (details on request), however you will need to have current public liability insurance. We encourage all volunteers to be treated in the same way as paid staff, and you will need to provide a safe working environment. We can provide assistance and advice with any specific practicalities.

What if it doesn’t work out?
There is a trial period, and we can sort out any minor issues, however you have the option to discontinue if any problems can’t be solved.

Want to know more?
Please contact Windarring’s Project Manager Tony or Team Leader Kathy on 03 5422 7001