about windarring and their support services for those with disabilities

Windarring Vision, Mission & Goals

People living with disabilities in our region receive the supports that they need in order to live lives that are fulfilling and purposeful.

Our mission is to ensure the best outcomes for participants by providing high quality, responsive and personalised supports.

We will work collectively to make the most of the opportunities of NDIS for participants by:
1. Increasing Flexibility
2. Maximising Resources
3. Improving Quality

Client-centred Service Delivery

Client-centred service delivery places the focus on the individual and provides the basis for:

  • creating a daily life worth living
  • striving to nurture the mind as well as the spirit
  • promoting growth and development for all

At Windarring, we get to know what matters to the person, what makes them laugh, where they have lived, worked, what they have done and what they still want to do!

Client-centred service delivery is about respecting and supporting choices while keeping the client comfortable and safe. It is about working with the client and their family, listening, learning and sharing what is really important and what will ‘make their day’.

Windarring values each client, their family and friends, staff and all other participants in their care. We work with a range of partners on initiatives to support social, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Windarring  is committed to the VIP approach to Client-centred Service delivery as follows:
V = valuing people; every person has value regardless of age or cognitive status
I = individualised supports and service delivery; use an individualised approach that recognises and promotes the uniqueness of the individual
P = personal perspectives; acknowledge and understand life from the perspective of the person
S = social environment; provide a social environment designed to meet the psychological needs of the individual

Reference: Brooker (2003)