Windarring has always encouraged diversity in the workplace which is a part of our vision and mission to eliminating barriers to participation, inclusion and acceptance of those with a disability in the community. And to acknowledge this great initiative, we were recently featured in the Midland Express to discuss the ways Windarring has helped our clients get amazing employment opportunities all contributing to the value of diversity in the workplace.
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News Article – Midland Express

Value in diversity

Image – Patricia O’Neill works her magic gardening skills.

Windarring Disability Services is encouraging diversity in workplaces across Macedon Ranges and Mount Alexander Shire.

Shaelee Desmond, Windarring’s Australian Disability Enterprise team leader for Kyneton and Castlemaine, said hiring a person with a disability contributed to a business’s overall diversity and culture for staff, communities and customers.

“Windarring is a people-centered, community-based organisation committed to eliminating barriers to participation, inclusion and acceptance for people with disabilities in their local community,” she said.

“We offer supported employment through our Australian Disability Enterprise – which includes a gardening team, emporiums, recycling warehouses, a collectables and art centre, and a copy centre.”

Windarring has also recently developed a specialised and unique School Leavers Program that is tailored to each individual transitioning from school into open employment. Through these supported employment pathways, individuals develop and learn new skills that assist them in getting job ready.

“Open employment can mean the individual works in the business independently, or it can mean the individual is supported to work in the business alongside a support worker,” Ms Desmond said.

“Windarring can work with your business and support you and the individual in their employment journey while ensuring the individual is a right fit for your business and the position being offered.

“Our employees bring a range of skills, abilities, and talents to the workplace. They have strong relationship building skills with both staff and customers, superb teamwork skills and a great motivation to achieve positive results in the workplace.”

Ms Desmond said hiring an individual with a disability positively impacted a working environment but also positively impacted the life of the individual.

“Having valuable and desirable employment is crucial – and gives the person a sense of belonging and identity, enhances physical and mental health and wellbeing, and provides the individual with the skills and experience to set them up for a positive future.”

If you would like to hear more, or would like to reach out as a potential employer, contact Windarring on 5422 7001.


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