NDIS central Victoria disability

Vision, Mission & Goals

People living with disabilities in our region receive the supports that they need in order to live lives that are fulfilling and purposeful.

Our mission is to ensure the best outcomes for participants by providing high quality, responsive and personalised supports.

We will work collectively to make the most of the opportunities of NDIS for participants by:
1. Increasing Flexibility
2. Maximising Resources
3. Improving Quality

We will do this by:
1. Improve the governance capacity of Windarring to respond to the challenges and opportunities.
1.1 Develop the strategic infrastructure to ensure that effective, efficient and informed decision making to maximise opportunities.
1.2 Develop the operational infrastructure to ensure that organisational strategic decisions can be made in a timely and effective manner.

Success will be evidenced by:
• A reviewed governance structure that will contain contemporary language and practice suited to the new operational environment;
• The Board demonstrating comprehensive understanding of its evolved roles and responsibilities; and
• Reporting functions and information will be developed and reviewed to ensure highly effective communication.

2. Increase the operational flexibility to meet the mission of ensuring high quality, responsive personalised supports to the community.
2.1 Engage in community consultation to inform and develop supports to maximise the potential of participants.
2.2 Enable and ensure a workforce that is focused on providing personalised supports that are responsive to the needs of participants.
2.3 Redevelop the operational infrastructure to focus on providing supports that are fulfilling and purposeful for participants.

Success will be evidenced by:
• Our participants driving what supports will be provided by Windarring;
• An implemented and appropriately reviewed work force plan. Well-articulated and fit for purpose operational roles, responsibilities, and practices;
• Communication, marketing and feedback strategy developed and implemented; and
• Operational structure will be redeveloped and implemented. Sustainable operational structure will reflect a flexible operating conditions and a flexible service environment.

3. Develop alliances and partnerships that allow Windarring to become more flexible, improve quality and maximise resources for participants.
3.1 Engage and develop new service supports for those potential participant’s not traditionally engaged with Windarring.
3.2 Seek and establish alliances/partnerships that allow operational and financial services to be maximised.
3.3 Seek and establish a range of alliances/partnerships that maximise both mainstream and non-mainstream supports for participants.

Success will be evidenced by:
• Increased capacity to provide services. Increased participants for Windarring. Services will be flexible and seek to meet the need of people with disabilities in the region;
• Decreased corporate costs; and
• Alliances and partnerships will provide more access to mainstream and non- mainstream services for Windarring participants.